“To play without passion is inexcusable!” Beethoven

Imagine your child playing your favorite songs on the piano - or even showing YOU how to play them!

 Your child's confidence levels will soar as they play popular songs that they love to listen to - especially when friends and family enthusiastically ask them to "Play it again!"

Lessons are available for ages 3 and up. Find out more

At The FAME School, the emphasis is on children developing a love of music through learning to play both contemporary and classical music for the purpose of living a lifestyle of "Faith Artistically and Musically Expressed". Here your child will not only learn music of the masters but also music that appeals to everyone - Pop, R&B, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Blues, and Jazz. 

Music Technology Lab included in weekly lesson! Ear Training, Sight Reading, and Music Theory are included as well. 

Special Hours Available for PRESCHOOLERS and HOME SCHOOLERS!




Dana Rice: L.O.V.E.